Seminar Brazing and High-Temperature Brazing

Faulty brazed joints often lead to premature component failure and cause enormously high costs. In many cases, the cause of the defect can be traced back to an improper selection of the brazing method, the brazing alloy or the brazing process parameters as well as a design that is not correct for brazing. This improper design of the brazed joint and the brazing process is often due to insufficient technical knowledge.

The aim of the seminar is to impart specialist knowledge on the manufacture of defect-free brazing and high-temperature brazing joints.

In the seminar, the basic definitions and terms as well as the requirements for brazing are taught. Existing brazing processes, brazing alloys and fluxes and their properties are presented, and the corresponding application examples are explained. Design topics such as the dimensioning of brazing gaps and overlap lengths are dealt with in detail, as are the definition, evaluation, and avoidance of possible imperfections in brazed joints. Based on a structured approach to the design of brazed joints, participants will be able to define brazing processes, brazing alloy and flux as well as brazing process parameters to produce defect-free brazed joints.

The seminar is aimed at technicians and engineers, primarily from the areas of production, development and quality management. It is offered both online and as a face-to-face event. If you are are interested, please send me an e-mail to or contact me on +49 6021/4556 778.

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