Brazing - an introduction

Brazing and high-temperature brazing are industrially established processes for joining metallic materials. Different heating processes are available for carrying out the brazing processes, which can be selected depending on the size and number of components. In addition, there is a wide range of brazing alloys from which the brazing material suitable for the respective application can be determined.

"Brazing - An Introduction" is intended as an introduction to the subject of brazing and high-temperature brazing and is aimed at people from all technical and commercial areas who would like to gain an overview of the possibilities of this joining technique.

Therefore, in the course of the event, I go into "brazing" terms and explain the prerequisites for brazing as well as the base materials that are suitable for brazing. Furthermore, I explain the different brazing processes, brazing materials and fluxes, point out special features of brazing appropriate design and show a procedure for selecting brazing processes, brazing material and flux.

The aim of the event is to give participants an overview of the possibilities of brazing. I offer more detailed expertise in my seminar "Brazing and High Temperature Brazing".

If you are interested in the free online event "Brazing - An Introduction", please contact me by email ( or by telephone on +49 6021 4556 778. We can then arrange an appointment for approx. 1 hour.

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