The SCHMOOR brazing online brazing seminar

Building up brazing expertise in your company

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Brazing and high-temperature brazing are well-established industrial joining techniques for the joining of metallic materials. The design of appropriate brazing processes requires special basic knowledge in order to produce professional and defect-free brazed joints.

The aim of the SCHMOOR brazing online brazing seminar is to impart basic brazing knowledge for the professional design of brazing processes, brazing alloys, fluxes and process parameters to be used. The basic knowledge also serves as a prerequisite for analysing cases of damage.

The seminar is aimed at technicians and engineers, primarily from the areas of production, development and quality management, who deal with topics relating to brazing and high-temperature brazing or who wish to familiarise themselves with this subject.

The seminar is divided into 7 modules with pre-defined contents and 3 modules for in-depth study and discussion of customer-related brazing topics:

  • Basics of brazing
  • Brazing processes
  • Design of brazed joints
  • Brazing alloys and fluxes
  • Testing of brazed joints
  • Imperfections of brazed joints
  • Structured procedure for the design of a brazed joint
  • Deepening and discussion of the brazing topics of the participants

The training courses take place in individually agreed appointments, in which one or more modules of 60 minutes each are dealt with and discussed in detail. They can therefore be integrated into the daily work routine without time-consuming travel.

The online seminar is offered as 1:1 training for individual employees or for small groups of a maximum of 4 participants. By imparting technical knowledge with direct reference to your brazing topics, a successful implementation and deepening of brazing expertise takes place in your company.

Of course, the seminar is also offered as a face-to-face event at your company. If required, regular discussion rounds with your employees on your brazing topics can be arranged beyond the seminar.