This page lists a selection of standards relating to brazing and soldering, with a particular focus on brazing. No detailed look has been taken at the standards which apply to soldering, due to the fact that the primary area of application for soldering is electronics manufacturing, and this specialist area is not the focus of my consulting work.

Within my consultancy work and on my web-site I refer to German, European and International Standards (DIN, EN, ISO). I apologize for not taken into account other national or regional standards. This would however be too comprehensive.

For this reason below I have only listed European and International Standards dealing with brazing.



Vocabulary, basics, designation

ISO 857-2 Welding and allied processes – Vocabulary –
Part 2: Soldering and brazing processes and related terms
ISO 3677 Filler metal for soft soldering, brazing and braze welding - Designation
ISO 2553 Welding and allied processes – Symbolic representation on drawings - Welded joints



EN 1045 Brazing - Fluxes for brazing -
Classification and technical delivery conditions
EN 12797 Brazing – Destructive tests of brazed joints
EN 12799 Brazing – Non destructive examiation of brazed joints
EN 13134 Brazing – Procedure approval
EN 14324 Brazing – Guidance on the application of brazed joints
ISO 13585 Brazing – Qualification test of brazers and brazing operators
ISO 17672 Brazing – Filler metals
ISO 18279 Brazing – Imperfections in brazed joints