My services. For your brazing tasks.

Whether it be technical consultation or providing support in brazing projects, damage appraisal or training: I am there for you when it comes to all brazing topics. Submit your brazing task to me! I would be happy to provide you with support in finding a solution - either by telephone or on site, depending on the task.

Technical consultation
Practice-oriented solutions. For your brazing tasks.

As your partner for all types of industrial brazing processes I am here to support you. Whether it is in the selection and definition of process parameters, the brazing-appropriate and cost optimised implementation of brazing tasks or the inspection of brazing processes for their efficiency: the advice you receive from me will be independent of manufacturers and suppliers, as well as practice-oriented and rooted in technical application, comprehensive and flexible.

I am here for you in:

  • the selection, development and implementation of brazing processes
  • the analysis and optimisation of existing brazing processes
  • auditing and quality inspections
  • the selection of necessary brazing materials and systems, monitoring purchasing and/or investment

The industries in which I am primarily active:

  • HVACR industry
  • tooling industry
  • electrical industry
  • industrial technology
  • automotive
Project management / Project support
Execute plans. Generate added value.

You require temporary resources or expertise for the implementation of your brazing projects? I would be happy to provide you with support - even as an interim manager - with project management or in the implementation of all brazing technology measures.

Damage appraisal
Providing clarity. Learning for the future.

As the old saying goes: “You learn from your mistakes”. For that reason, when providing an appraisal, it is important to me to analyse and determine the damage in terms of why and how it occurred. Based on this result, I develop optimisation measures upon request, to ensure that such mistakes and damage do not occur again.

Training / qualification
Enhance knowledge. Strengthen staff.

Qualify your members of staff who work within brazing and brazing technology, and expand the level of brazing expertise in your company. I adopt a targeted approach in my courses and training sessions to the requirements of the company and needs of the participants.

The training sessions can be held - depending on your needs - either in separate seminars and training sessions (in-house or externally) which are removed from the work process, or in the workplace itself. This allows for skills and expertise to be (further) developed in a practice-oriented manner.

I am happy to support you with the following general training offers:

  • foundations of brazing
  • brazing methods
  • brazing-appropriate design
  • selecting filler metals and flux agents

You can’t find what you’re looking for? I am glad to provide you with specialised seminars and training sessions tailored to your needs.